Failure to Thrive

Something new I learned was this term: Failure to Thrive. Here is the NIH definition

Failure to thrive is a description applied to children whose current weight or rate of weight gain is significantly below that of other children of similar age and sex”

The causes we talked about in class were:

  • Emotional deprivation as a result of parental withdrawal, rejection, or hostility
  • Economic problems that affect nutrition, living conditions, and parental attitudes

If you google “failure to thrive,” in google-images you’ll see what it looks like.

The “withdrawal” part really hurts. I don’t know what else to say about it…


3 Responses to “Failure to Thrive”

  1. sillyspring Says:

    2 of my adopted kiddos, Lucy & Corban, were ftt when we fostered them. Lucy, who was one and a half when we got her, was only 13 lbs. Corban’s growth was low, too, but not as scary as hers when we got him at the same age. Lucy is 4 now & is at the low end, but is carrying her own curve (yeah!!!!) and Corban is doing the same thing (low, but carrying) as a 9 year old. The reason that I bring all of that out is because they were called ftt due to severe medical issues (Corban has AIDS & Lucy has many issues, too many to list). But if it really, really was simply their medical issues that brought about the ftt diagnosis……..then why did they both come out of that diagnosis once they were in a stable home??? Interesting, isn’t it. Thank you for your blog. It’s always good to know there are others out there who care about the world’s forgotten children. God bless! Spring

  2. Thanks For your post! FTT was the one child abuse issue that I really really didn’t get. i mean, if you indeed do not want to at least feed, or hold, or speak to your child, then why bring him or her home? Please allow someone to help you or adopt or something! The classes were adamant at reminding us not to judge birth parents in the “system” and their decisions, so I’m trying. Also, I should ask you then, so How’s adopting? what can you tell me in this stage?

  3. sillyspring Says:

    Oh boy……those are some loaded questions! :)) Ummm….. let me first say that our adoption of our kids is the absolute best thing of our entire lives, as well as the very very hardest. But I have a feeling it’s like that for “natural” parents, too. Kids are wonderful & hard, all in one. Ohhhh the stories I have….. whew! Every single emotion you are capable of will be put into play with the foster care & adoption system. And let me say: for all the tears, for all the fears and frustrations, for all the pain… is so very, very worth it. I’d love for you to read my blog, because I am constantly throwing in our experiences with our kids. And, again, thank you so much for joining in this fight. God bless, Spring ps. just really quick: working with the birth parents is a hard, hard thing all in itself. it will challenge you to your core. sometimes they are in need of a big, huge smack…..but sometimes you will find what they REALLY need is love…. my hubby & I “adopted” Lucy’s mom from the start. Sighhhh…..more stories.

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