Worst Comments Contest Winner

Well since I only had 1 entry, she  (bestlight) gets the candle! Check out her blogs at drama2bmama.blogspot.com/ and   http://weebleswobblog.blogspot.com

I’m gonna buy myself one too–my own husband blurted out a very stupid, akward question at our Foster care class.  We missed our pre-adoption class, so we asked someone who went–my husband asked

“Did they talk about subsidies?”

Our friend was mortified.   I thought- “She’s probably having the same infertility, lack of faith, issues that I am and subsidies were probably the LAST thing she was thinking of.”

Of course my husband caught his mistake after his comment coughed up out of his mouth.  But it was too  late, it was all over us…yuck.   so wait—I’ll have HIM buy my candle.


One Response to “Worst Comments Contest Winner”

  1. bestlight Says:

    Thank you! I definitely thing you deserve a prize, too!

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