Dreams, Vibes and the end of the Worst Comments Contest

Well, lemme tell ya.  If I thought I was the only one feeling humiliated, and most of the time frustrated at people’s comments I truly know now that I am not alone. Thank you so much for sharing your experiences with me and with the rest of the world.  The official rules stated that the contest was gonna go until March 30, but…

I had a bad dream–it was a doozy.  I am writing this minutes after waking.  I think reading all the ways we’ve been hurt has created a part of my brain that expects disappoinment in my friends and in the fertility process.  I don’t want that-I don’t want that for my readers either.

So… from now on, please go ahead and vote for the worst comments.  (Click “comments” in  “Worst Comments 2”  Which should be archived in March.

Oh yes, and the lost comments will be posted today, but I gotta warn you, don’t read those if you don’t  wanna be pissed all  day.  They’ll be in a “loss” category.

To encourage more hope please send in the best ways people have comforted you after, adoption, loss, or ongoing during your fertility struggles.  I will also be brightening up this blog!



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