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Foster Care

Posted in Uncategorized on February 5, 2009 by usgirls

Well, it has begun. My husband and I have accepted a lovely foster child.  Will see where this journey takes us! And yes, we are still “trying.”  For me that just means that I am going to see a new OBGYN/fertility specialist.

Finding a real fertility specialist is like finding a real spiritual guru, or martial arts teacher.  I know a Martial Artists who spent ten years working with this guy in China and then found out, the guy was not an expert.   THe same is true with people who work with fertility.  I spent a year with a doctor who wanted to give me a laproscopy really bad.  He did, then that was the pinnacle of his expertise.  He didn’t tell me that– I figured it out on my own.  After a ectopic pregnancy, I went on fertility hiatus, so another wasted year.  Will talk more later.  Fostering–fun, but hard.